Achariya: Nityasatyananda

Was born on 24th October 1929 in a Syrian Christian Family- Neelankavil Kolangaden, Kuttor, Thrissur, Kerala.
Nityasatyananda left his home at the age of 17 to become a Jesuit priest. 12 years he was with them. Quest of God broadened and depend his vocation to lead normal life as a family man, like Indian Rishis. Took his graduation from Andra Loyola College, Post Graduation from BHU, Ph. L from Rome, and PhD from Calicut University and had a very lengthy career as an English Professor in many universities. Retired from St. Joseph’s Autonomous College, Trichy as HOD of English. His knowledge in root languages Sanskrit, Tamil, Latin and Greek rendered him an enlightened speaker.

On 13th October 2002 he was called to the heavenly abode.


“God defined is God defiled” ! “God is spirit hence unnamable” !

The quest of God has enlightened the sages, seers, saints, savants to ascent eminences of excellence. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread is the universal fact in case of theology.

“Anami-sahsra-nama-stotram” originally written in Sanskrit and English by Achariya: Nitya-satya-ananda in the year 1999. In English the book is titled as The Unnamable’s Thousand Name Doxology.

“Ocean of Everlasting Bliss, friend of the visible and the invisible, Lord of the whole world, Preceptor Transcendent, Sparkle on the tip of my tongue, Abide in my heart – lotus” line 694 of the book. The work with 1116 lines is treated as treasure and one more PhD was awarded to the work.

A decade ago Sri Alex Paul, Music Director from Ernakulum gave his Midas touch to the Sanskrit work and now his daughter, Arathy Alex under the guidance of her father release the English part of the original text written by the author himself.

The Albums are released shortly…. 1116 lines !!!